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Michelle Benjamin


Michelle Benjamin

Driven by my passion for both skincare and building strong client relationships based on trust, I am currently celebrating my ninth year as an aesthetician as well as a wax and spa educator.


I sort of fell into skincare. I originally thought I wanted to be a hair stylist and enrolled in cosmetology school for that. But once I had the opportunity to work on people's skin and see the way a simple human touch could help someone look and feel more beautiful, I knew this was my path.


Clients come to me with their own level of energy, and I consider it my job to figure out what that is. Maybe they're having a wonderful day, or a stressful one. I take the time to really listen to what they're feeling at that particular moment. My goal is always the same: To have clients leave my treatment room feeling confident not only in their physical beauty but also in their inner beauty.


I believe the foundation of good skin care and/or a personalized waxing experience actually starts with the mind. I begin each treatment session with a consultation followed by aromatherapy, helping clients fully relax into the work I am about to perform. I think the consultation is especially important for brow shaping, because the eyebrows frame the face and really bring out a person’s eyes. I am known for Brazilian bikini waxing and eyebrow shaping and insist on using only the highest quality waxes, including Italian cream rose, pine, hard, and sugar waxes (for the most sensitive skin).


I am passionate about constantly learning and refining my skills, and sharing that knowledge with others. While my treatments provide a calming respite from life's daily challenges, I also deliver services and products that are results-driven and scientifically-based.


My clients become my friends, and they trust me to take care of them. I take that job very seriously, and am honored to be a part of their lives.


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