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COVID-19 Update

I am offering facials for all fully vaccinated clients!

At Michelle Benjamin Mind & Body, your safety is my top priority.  

I've completed several classes and certifications including: 

BARBICIDE certification Infection control in salons, spas, and barbershops

BARBICIDE COVID-19 certification

DERMALOGICA certification Clean Touch


Protocols for appointments:

The Salons of Dallas building is requiring everyone to wear a mask while inside. 


You can wear your own mask, or I will provide one for you.  


Payments will be set up for contact-less transactions with the Square dock, chipped cards will be inserted by the client and a cleaned and disinfected stylus will be provided for signature.


Extra time has been scheduled in-between appointments for more cleaning and disinfecting of non-porous surfaces, linen changes and airing out the suite.


All items will be cleaned and disinfected after each client.  I will also provide hand sanitizer for each guest to use after each transaction. 


Thank you all so much!

Please contact me directly to schedule a facial. 

-Michelle (214) 649-7910

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