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As we head into 2019, I will be celebrating 10 years as an esthetician.  Quite a milestone and I couldn’t be happier in my chosen field of work.  When I started, it was out of necessity because of some personal changes in my life that reset my career in the best possible way.  

I always had been customer service driven and wanted to help people feel better.  In the beginning, I had no idea how intertwined these ideas would be in the work I do today.  

I’m fortunate that I had a great instructor that saw my raw talent and guided me to Aveda and their philosophies are in the foundation of my facials today.  

I also worked for a salon where I could learn, grow, make mistakes and prepare myself  to starting my own business.  Along the way, I have met the most intelligent, and considerate people that have challenged my thinking and given me great advice.  

I am thankful for their friendship, patience, and time with me. 


At Mind & Body, you will see some changes in the months to come.  I’ll be redoing some of the service pages on my website to make booking a little easier, especially for those of you that have multiple services.  


The Referral program will be revamped, so there will be a menu of choices you can pick from as your Thank You gift for sending me a client referral.  


You will also see that some services will get a price increase for 2019.  This will based on the amount of products that are used in performing a service.  

I try to bring the best quality of waxes, lash & brow tints, skincare products and added skincare technologies i.e. BT Microcurrent, High Frequency, LED light panel (later in 2019)  


I will make sure to send out a list of services that will be changing and the new pricing before implementation.   


Dermalogica has a couple new products innovations, Intensive Moisture Cleanser and Intensive Moisture Balance.  I’ll be sending out a separate email about these new products.  


Make sure to look for this email, there will be a list of products that I’m discounting 20% to reduce my inventory. 


I look forward to seeing what adventures 2019 brings my way and to seeing everyone in the new year.  


Thank you again for a marvelous 2018!  -Michelle

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